• 1,3 BILLION $
  • 130 000 PEOPLE


The world of furniture fashion continuously excites with its dynamic development, sensational new styles and eye-catching trends. Belarusian consumers closely monitor these trends and choose a combination of visual appeal and quality when selecting upholstered furniture. Producers say that 70% of the success behind upholstered furniture actually lies in the upholstery fabric.

Upholstery is usually given the predominant role in the modern home as it creates a sense of harmony and comfort that would otherwise have been impossible. Perfectly selected upholstery completes the expertly-crafted luxurious sofas and armchairs and paves the way to the creation of a dream home. Helping clients attain their dream home serves as the biggest motivation for Belarusian furniture companies.

The upholstery fabric of sofas, armchairs and sets immediately grabs the attention of a potential customer. As such, the textile industry and furniture production are always part of a unified whole. These industries are traditional to Belarusian culture; therefore, Belarusian specialists and craftsmen produce a product of the highest possible quality that has always been appreciated by domestic and foreign consumers.

According to estimates, Belarus’ investment in fixed enterprise assets of textile and clothing production will reach 1.3 billion USD by 2015.

This largely owes itself to modern advances in manufacturing capability and the abundance of incredible talent that graduates Belarusian schools