• 5 BILLION $ investment
  • Unemployment is less then 1%


Belarus is a country with a distinct culture, an impressive ancient history and a breathtaking natural beauty. The hallmark of contemporary Belarus is economic stability.

Belarus is a leader in its region with regard to simplicity in creating a foreign enterprise – and is ahead of many European countries. Foreign businesses are always guaranteed stability and rhythm when choosing Belarus as a location.

Belarus became the first country in the former Soviet Union to double its gross domestic product within the past 15 years. Authoritative experts and financial analysts confirm that the State has maintained its macroeconomic stability during the global economic meltdown.

Belarus is developing an export vector of the economy with regard to financial and foreign trade. In addition, the country maintains stable and fruitful export-import relations with more than 170 countries.

Belarus is one of the most stable European states in terms of employment – with the current unemployment rate resting at less than 1%.

Direct foreign investments inject about 5 billion USD into the Belarusian economy every year. The growth rate of fixed capital investment currently exceeds 190%. The World Bank finds that the conditions and investment opportunities within various areas of the Belarusian economy satisfy the conditions established by the European Union.

An advantageous geographical location in the center of Europe organically supplements favorable natural climatic conditions, situating Belarus away from the face of natural disasters and calamities.