• 7 BILLION $

  • 16 000 IT-Students

  • 55 Universities


In today’s digitalized world, the long-term well-being of any nation is heavily contingent on its encouragement of new discoveries within the realm of information technology. This belief is heavily engrained within the mind-sets of the Belarusian people. By granting primacy to the development of information technology – it not only bleeds out into peripheral areas – but manifests in different elements of everyday life.

To illustrate – 55 universities across Belarus grant IT degrees to about 16,000 young professionals each year. Such findings postulate an interesting conclusion – not only is the Belarusian IT sector flourishing – but its stability also demands attention.

The progression of information technology as an academic discipline is a journey that spanned for more than a decade of Belarusian history. As a result, professionals from Belarus are in high demand and are well-regarded all over the world. Furthermore, owing to the efforts of Belarusian programmers, the world GDP has increased 5 times over the last 7 years. Exporting IT services also reflects on improving the individual quality of life. For example, Forbes magazine has found that due to the export of IT services, the per capita income in Belarus is higher than that of its sister members of the Commonwealth of Independent States – Ukraine and Russia.

In being a vital link within the global IT network, Belarus is convenient location for many international IT service providers – where many of whom successfully operate office locations.

In 2011, Belarus has adopted a four-year national program of accelerated development within the field of information technology. This program was designed with the vision of accelerating the development of IT services and increasing the effectiveness of informational exchange between business, government, and the general populace.