• VILNIUS 215 km
  • WARSAW 550 km
  • MOSCOW 700 km


Belarus – the navel of Europe – is positioned about 50 kilometers south of the city of Polotsk, near the cinematic Lake Sho. This relevant scientific fact is what sets our country apart – not only geographically but also in economic terms.
The manufacturing process is tantamount to dealing with a very demanding child who longs to be cherished and nurtured. Therefore, production stability of household goods must be met by numerous factors – with the most important being the location of the production premises.
The Republic of Belarus is situated at a strategically important crossroads connecting the East and West. Its fortuitous geographical situation becomes even more evident when one considers that Belarus has its own powerful industrial complex, great learning institutions for training specialists in various fields – as well as tremendous potential and willingness to openly build joint partnerships with foreign companies.
The capital of Belarus, Minsk is 215 km away from Vilnius; 470km away from Riga; within 550km of Warsaw; 580km – from Kiev; 700km – from Moscow; 1060km – from Berlin; 1300km – from Vienna.
Belarus shares a border with five states: Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.