• 1,8 mln children
  • 19% of the total population
  • 2% increase in birth


The family is a microcosm of society; a reflection of the present state and a pathway to the future of any nation. The Belarusian people prize family above all else; this has been culturally engrained for generations. In Belarus, the family institution is under State protection – and is granted a special system of social benefits. This system represents not only one of the highest State commitments to the family within Belarus – but also within Europe as a whole.

Belarus is 33rd in world rankings of the most conducive to motherhood nations.

Every year a large number of Belarusian orphans are given the gift of family, with the majority of those adopted being under the age of three. The National Program of Demographic Security estimates that within the next four years, the socioeconomic support for families with adopted children will increase dramatically. Furthermore, improved housing, an increase in benefit levels, and more flexible credit policies for adoptive parents are expected.

About 19% of the total Belarusian population – or 1.8 million – is comprised of children.

According to the Belarusian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the birth rate in both urban and rural areas is increasing by an average of 2% each year.

Belarus views a large family as a mark of dignity and status. Each family comprised of four or more children receives an apartment from the State – and families with three children will be reimbursed 75% of the cost of housing.

Belarus has established a reward to honor mothers who birthed and reared five or more children. In recent years, the Order of the Mother has been awarded to more than 6,500 women.

Belarusian family structure is taking giant strides to reach the European model – which dictates gender balance – and as such, the priorities of child care are divided equally between men and women. The Labor Code provides a maternity leave opportunity for each parent. Moreover, a man subject to the same rights and benefits as a woman, including continuity of service and retaining one’s work position.