• 18,4% of forest
  • stem diameter 30 - 70 cm
  • The density of wood 650 kg/m³

The birch tree has long breathed inspiration into the hearts of creative geniuses. The legendary poetry of Sergey Esenin celebrated the fair beauty as a muse – while the artist Isaac Levitan reflected both the complex wonder and the pure simplicity of the birch grove in his Golden Autumn painting. The Belarusian singing ensemble, Pesnjary, professed their love for the motherland through a metaphor of birch sap.

The birch was even used as a medium for an exquisite Faberge Easter egg in the historic year of 1917. The influence of the birch is evident in pop culture as well – Icelandic singer Björk Gutsmundottir’s first name is a tribute to this incredible creation of nature; a true reflection of the female – delicate and graceful in appearance yet durable and enduring in composition.

The lightness of the birch tree not only endows it with unspoken charm – but also makes it highly prized by the furniture industry. Expertly crafted birch wood furniture – with its smooth and refined texture reminiscent of the setting sun – always reflects impeccable taste. As such, it becomes the perfect calling card for its owner.

We use birch wood as medium for our creations because it represents the perfect harmony of beauty and practicality.

Furniture crafted from birch is always traditional, refined and sublime.