TsynWood Co. is the leading producer of glued beams for windows and doors in Belarus.

Consumers trust our name more than any other manufacturer because quality control is the driving force behind what we do. Witnessing the magic behind the harvest’s transformation into high-tech wood – our passion is poured into each stage of production.

At TsynWood, the needs of the client always come first. This is why we aim to give the most competitive prices. Low logistics costs make our prices much more competitive than those of neighboring Russia – allowing for the effective development and expansion in the delivery of our products.

Close proximity of raw materials to the sites of production enables us to reduce costs even further.

Over the years, our clients have discovered that there is absolutely no order – no matter how unique or elaborate in design – which we cannot successfully accomplish.

TsynWood Co. was founded more than fifteen years ago. Our dream was to create a clear industrial policy, enter the market with a strong proposal of assortment, and emerge as a leader in the processing and production of wood products among the Belarusian enterprises. Ten years later our dream has not only become reality – but a catalyst in setting new goals and achieving higher standards.

We recycle an impressive 20,000 cubic meters of wood annually. Among our achievements is a very high ratio of efficiency from one cubic meter of wood.


The volume of production within the industry. The map reflects TsynWood sales – laminated veneer lumber represents at least 30% of the market. The company exports to Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Russia.





  • Glued beams for the production of European windows and doors – 5,000 cubic meters per year (or 80% of total output in monetary terms);
  • RUF briquettes from recycled waste – 2,900 tons per year;
  • Timber (edged board) – 1,200 cubic meters per year.


Advantages of TSYNWOOD:

  • Our name is synonymous with quality. In choosing our services the client is guaranteed the utmost level of service, expertise, and professionalism. Ten successful years on the market – and a never-ending quest for improvement – are a testament of this.
  • The production of laminated veneer lumber is a technologically sophisticated process. Our highly-trained specialists control product quality after each stage and carefully inspect the finished product before it is ready for packing.
  • We believe in the importance of choice. Our customers pick from 20 types of laminated board – sectioned and glued according to preference.
  • The premises of our strategic objectives lie in increasing production efficiency via reducing losses, competitive turnout vis-à-vis other logistics companies, and improvement of the technical-material base.
  • TsynWood Co. is always aiming to expand. We are currently developing new markets within the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • We work hard to ensure that our product range always reflects market trends. This enables our business to remain competitive and guarantees long-term demand of our products. To illustrate – we began producing laminated furniture board not only with purposes of export – but also to fulfill the growing demands of the domestic market.