One of the largest Belarusian producers of the Commonwealth of Independent States JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd stems from the beginning of 1992 as a trading company.

In 1996 the company changes its focus and makes a step ahread claiming itself not only as a trading company but also as a producer of roamed polyurethane and products made from it.

Starting from the year 2000 JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd brings in key and basic changes in its development organizing the process of production of household and practical goods.

The range of goods includes the following categories:

  • household pads for a cook-room
  • multifunctional napkins
  • body washrags
  • netted sponges
  • cosmetic pumice

The following raw materials are used in the production: Bayer AG (Germany), fibro abrasive cloth (Italy) and other components of German, Polish, Italian production. Today the assortment ranges for more than 150 SKU. The assortment was refilled with such categories of good as «Food packings», «Waste sacks».

The areal changes for buying raw materials were modified.

Today JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd purchases raw materials in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Russia

The primary, starting assortment of goods was released under shortened English brand TET.

In 2004 the company worked out a new trade-mark «Tetex» which was updated at once by TM division taking into account price brackets:

  • «Tetex Econom» - low price brackets
  • «Tetex Standard» - medium price brackets
  • «Tetex Avto» - medium price brackets
  • «Tetex Body» - medium price brackets
  • «Tetex Lux» - upper-medium price brackets

Nowadays JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd is one of the household production providers from Russia and Poland.

The company can suggest a client total more than 500 SKU of imported goods.

For providing uninterrupted logistic process of supplying and producing goods JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd opened a warehouse in Minsk in 2000.

Since the beginning of 2000 Russian market became interested in the products of JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd . Today, the Russian part on the market is growing and gives the basis for building-up the clients base.

Nowadays JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd conducts events for widening the assortment and distinguishing new TM. The company is open for new partnerships, which will combine interesting suggestions and ideal conditions for work from both sides.

  • The company is widely known on the market for their own brands of their own production «TET» and «tetex».

JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd has been aware for a long time already that only a unique character can guarantee the stability of business development.

  • The company has a modern park of hi-tech equipment.

The harmonious work of the company provides permanent tracking of all the trends of the branch investing in the purchase of new equipment which, in its turn, influences positively on the capacity of production.

  • Qualitative raw material.

In the process of production JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd uses stock and materials of authoritative German, Polish, Italian producers. As a result a consumer is guaranteed to have not only qualitative but also an aesthetically amiable product.

  • Qualitative package.

Thanks to the modernization of packing machines the company has the possibility to produce goods in a beautiful and solid package of worthy quality.

  • Immediate and well-formed delivery of production to a client.

Considered to the tiniest details, logistics is one of the most important components of success of the enterprise. Storage facilities and transport service allow delivering the goods immediately in any part of The Republic of Belarus, Russia and also to most of post-soviet countries and the modern Europe.

  • A wide range of choice.

The assortment palette counts more than 150SKU products of different household orientation. Sponges of different forms, colours and sizes are presented and also different kinds of napkins and packing products. The production is presented in a cheap, medium and premium market segments, sustainability of the production and an ideal service life are guaranteed.

Today the company JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd is putting a range of aims and tasks which reflect the in-process of the activity of the company.

Main aims of our company:

  1. Getting the annual positive dynamics of increasing of trading capacity on the home market.
  2. Getting the annual positive dynamics of increasing of trading capacity for export.
  3. The increasing of the part of the company coverage.

For achieving the goals the company is assigning the following tasks:

  1. The building of the effective system of promotion of household goods.
  2. Creation of perfect programs of loyalty for different categories of clients.
  3. Support and improvement of the quality system of goods production according to the modern tendencies and consumers' wishes. 

The company JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd, as a producer, is taking part in exhibitions in Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus all the time. Participation in exhibitions includes the possibility of presentation of all the assortment range of the company and also the personal contact with potential and functional clients.

Currently JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd took part in the following exhibitions:

  • Kultbythoztovary-2013 (Belarus, Minsk)
  • Household Expo -2013 (Russia, Moscow)
  • Household Expo-2014 (Russia, Moscow)
  • Own trade-mark (IPLS)-2015 (Russia, Moscow)

Exhibitions give the company a possibility to demonstrate its capabilities and develop the customer base. 


The project «Private trademark» was created for the companies which are interested in creation of their own trademark but don't have their own productive capacity. Today this direction is interesting for JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd company. That's why, having the optimal productive capacities, the company has been working out and has been realizing projects using private trademarks for clients in the Republic of Belarus and in Russian Federation for many years. For keeping clients' interest to the project «Private trademark», JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd improves the assortment regularly.

Today «Private trademark» counts more than 20 successful projects in the Republic of Belarus and in Russian Federation.

Examples of realized projects «Private trademark» JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd :

Realization of the project «Private trademark» includes:

  • Getting and processing of the client's request (the name of TM, other information).
  • The choice of the product category from the current assortment JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd
  • Production of an article by individual client’s request (requested by a client sizes, material, quality and other).
  • Providing of samples in accordance to clients' requests.
  • Production of package (design, production of package in accordance to client's requests)
  • Formation of optimal inventory on warehouses JV Tsyn East Trade, Ltd
  • Execution of requested certificate.
  • Fulfillment of qualitative and timely logistics.