K-Mebel Studio is an expanding company dedicated to manufacturing classic and timeless furniture collections from solid birch wood. The philosophy of K-Mebel Studio is predicated on appreciating the uniqueness and originality of our customers’ ideas – and the realization thereof via the intricate labor of the best furniture makers.

The history of our company boasts the following achievements:

  • Furniture Club 2010, the Grand Prix of the Moscow exhibition – as well as numerous diplomas awarding Best Design and Quality at the Minsk Furniture Exhibition for 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • The winner of the Belarusian national contest "Best furniture from Belarus- 2011, 2012 and 2013 .
  • Yet our most heartfelt victories arise when once-distant fantasies of our clients see the light of reality and become true masterpieces of furniture art.

Advantages of company:

The work with our clientele commences by introducing a style developed and perfected by the company. Synthesizing the elegance of our designers’ ideas, an array of product types, and the ability to tailor our creations to the need of each individual gives potential to create a customized living environment that is not only suitable for a city apartment – but also for a residential cottage, a corner office, a VIP hotel suite, etc.

The company's products:

Collections Marina, Maestro, Salvina and Alfei – hand-crafted from solid birch wood with a vintage finishing method – have quickly emerged as the most in-demand among our customers.


In 2016, the company designed a new furniture collection - "Sophie", performed with the use of glossy varnish, polishing, and new,factorydeveloped, coating technology.

The economic crisis of 2015-2016, the market has changed consumer attitudestowardsmany products. Among them is the ratio of "price-quality"of Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Malaysian furniture.

New furniture collection "Sophie" will be an excellent replacement for the departing members of the market of imported furniture and will propel the company into new markets.