The world’s first ever sofa was crafted in Persia. Now, nearly four centuries later, Belarus’ own Lama Furniture has successfully picked up the torch and invented the world’s most comfortable sofa.

However, the story of our company actually begins with high quality furniture fabrics – long before we perfected the sofa as an art form. Lama Furniture has been a pioneer in the import of high flock fabrics for furniture upholstery from the United States and other nations abroad.

After thirteen thriving years on the market, Lama Furniture has solidified itself as one of the leading companies on the Belarusian market, with its ample success consistently realized in two ways:

  • Manufacturing of upholstered furniture
  • Wholesale of upholstery fabrics

Upholstered furniture

The Lama Furniture trading network has about 150 outlets – making our upholstered furniture available in almost every city in Belarus.

We are trendsetters within the realm of furniture manufacturing. Every collection from our impressive catalog reflects the latest furniture fashion trends – and tells a specific story without which no home is complete.

Our product range currently consists of more than 60 high-quality models of stylish corner sofas, exquisite armchairs, and fine sofa-beds. But that is not all! Our designers are constantly improving the Lama-Furniture catalogue and gradually adding premium models specially manufactured to satisfy the needs of the middle class consumer.

We take great pride in what we do – so not only is the quality of our furniture always 100 percent guaranteed – but we also provide after-sales services for any of our products. This is what has set apart our level of customer service and put us above the competition.

Our goal is to ease the lives of our clients. Depending on the need of the client, we will provide delivery services to anywhere in Belarus. Strategic and state-of-the-art logistics represent yet another one of our advantages.

Our fabrics

The three pillars of effective purchasing power – flexible pricing, a wide assortment, and impeccable quality – represent the underpinning of our organization.

Micro-velour, jacquard Chenille, furniture suede and artificial leather – chic upholstery fabrics from the most recent collections are available in virtually any length.

The fabrics of Lama Furniture have been in great demand among the buyers of Belarusian upholstered furniture ever since their introduction. This has generated a strong demand for wholesale fabric for all Belarusian furniture producers.

At the moment, upholstery fabrics represent our biggest area of specialization.

What unites the two areas of Lama Furniture?
Why is each important and why do they make us much stronger when united?

A vast selection of modern and elegant fabrics serves as inspiration in itself. This, in turn, stimulates furniture production – as well as a strong competitive advantage. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with high quality. Clients count on our creative vision – which serves as stimulus to always be one step ahead of the competition. Highly qualified and experienced employees ensure both a cordial and individual approach to the client – and the use of innovative materials and technologies in production guarantees that the products of Lama Furniture are always in demand.