FIBERTECH is one of the most recognizable and respected textile brands not only in Belarus – but also abroad. The company's products garnered acclaim within domestic and international markets due to superior quality, refined design, a wide assortment range and affordable prices.

The primary market for textile heaters is the clothing industry enterprises of Belarus and abroad.

We utilize natural materials, thereby honoring an enthusiasm shared by all of Europe – that of ecological compatibility. An exquisite palette of designs presented in our catalog embodies yet another company advantage. We employ a team of highly-professional designers who track the latest fashion trends and regularly update the entire range of our bedding collection: pillows, blankets, mattress pads and bed linen.

Advantages of company:

  • A rich assortment - Fibertech keenly monitors the trends and innovations within the spheres of contemporary design – and renovates its product line in accordance. Our impressive product range is currently comprised of more than 300 types and varieties of bedding.
  • Advanced technologies - We utilize only the best imported high-tech equipment that permits for the creation of a product that always out-performs its competition.
  • Private production - The momentum of the company enables the production of more than 250,000 meters of textile insulation in a month.
  • Quality raw materials - During insulation production we use primary polyester hollow conjugated siliconized fiber that is well known to specialists of brands like Huvis and Eslon.
  • Market leader - The sales volume of Fibertech ™ products grows by at least one million USD each year.

The Fibertech trading house believes in the importance of giving back to the community. We constantly provide charitable support to large and low-income families, disability-stricken individuals, and homeless shelters.


A soft pillow, a cozy blanket, a comfortable mattress ... This picture would be incomplete without tasteful and natural linen. Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers from high quality satin and cotton – standard sized or made to order – guarantee the experience of sleeping on a cloud.

Fibertech insulation is not only great at retaining heat but is also perfectly safe for health – as during the production process, we do not resort to thermal treatment and do not use adhesive bases – making our products as hypoallergenic as they are environmentally friendly.

Fibertech’s slogan is

«With us – it’s always warm and cozy!»

And we can vouch with confidence that this philosophy is not only applicable to our product line – but to our corporate politics as a whole.