More than 15 years ago, BELAMEREX-Intercontinental united five prospective production companies of TSYN GROUP – and gave them the necessary tools to successfully launch a dynamic business: premises and comfortable working conditions.

We began building our business in a difficult and conflict-laden time; nonetheless, we were able emerge successful in establishing long-term stability for our partners.

Today BELAMEREX-Intercontinental is the holder and general manager of fixed assets belonging to TSYN GROUP. In being cognizant of the seriousness of such status, we developed a thorough approach to the organization of our work: recruitment, procurement of necessary equipment, development and improvement of infrastructure.

Companies that comprise the BELAMEREX structure all occupy leading positions in the Belarusian market. K-Mebel Studio and Lama Mebel – famed woodworkers and furniture makers; FIBERTECH – a popular producer of bed linen and fillers in Belarus and abroad; and TSYN EAST TRADE – one of the most successful manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam today. These companies all share a common focus on a major export policy.

The activities of each of the above-mentioned companies require modern infrastructure to ensure a smooth production process. Understanding the unique factors necessary for each manufacturer, TSYN GROUP has created a complex infrastructure – with BELAMAREX-Intercontinental streamlining its maintenance and development.

We listen closely to the needs of our tenants – and provide the most suitable facilities for their production – with convenient access roads and modern means of communication. This ensures that our partners have expanded their production and have purchased the latest equipment.

Our industrial base is located on the outskirts of the city of Zhodino, which is only 55 km from Minsk. Such location is not chosen by chance – not far from «BELAMEREX Intercontinental» passes an interstate road to Moscow, highway that connects the EU to Russia. It is considered to be one of the most important export­trade pathways for Belarus. In addition, this placement allows our tenants to provide timely delivery to clients and ensure flawless logistics.

BELAMEREX-Intercontinental – an infrastructure enterprise – creates convenient access for road transportation and the availability of automated loading and unloading equipment that can accommodate up to 4 concurrent trucks. Our industrial base is connected to a railway siding and is equipped with cranes for rapid wagon unloading.

The presence of a privately owned boiler ensures uninterrupted technological process of drying and pressing for a number of TSYN GROUP businesses.

A privately owned substation at the production base ensures uninterrupted power supply to all tenant companies.

Every production facility built is equipped to meet the needs of each individual company – and satisfy the high industry standards for floor coverings, ceilings, ventilation, heating, water, etc.

The range of our work includes security of production facilities; therefore, the complex is equipped with a modern video surveillance system and around-the-clock security service.

Company Prospects

TSYN GROUP enterprises release a wide range of products – which guarantees a stable growth output. This dynamic creates a major strategic task of building a commodious three-storey warehouse with automated inventory control and modern – yet low-cost –system for the mobility of goods within the warehouse.

BELAMEREX-Intercontinental is a distinct state model in which each mechanism works like that in a Swiss-made watch. We have created a unique infrastructure that allows significant players of the Belarusian economy to operate in a comfortable environment and remain confident about the future of their business.

We are all familiar with the parable of the father, who called for his seven sons, and commanded them to break a bunch of twigs. The sons could not cope with the entire bunch at once – but easily broke each individual rod. This story, though allegorical, accurately demonstrates the importance of support and unity – both in life and in the business world.