ARESA-SERVICE basks in the recognition of being one of the most prominent aconstruction firms on the Belarusian market. Years of expertise have resulted in the construction of more than 400 square meters of housing, office buildings, and commercial premises as well as around 1000 parking spaces. Each construction project is characteristic onto itself – the comfortable apartments and townhouses, the stylish and modern offices, the entertainment centers and other contemporary urban infrastructure – the sine qua non of any European capital city.

The significance of each square meter of real estate in Minsk – both for its residents and investors – defines the mission of our company. Despite rising prices on property – real estate value remain relevant.

The preferences of our customers immediately gain practical application in our business: the flexible price policy, a variety of planning solutions, and the possibility of construction in the most respectable and environmentally-friendly districts of Minsk. Our business is predicated on the needs of the client, from beginning to end; this ideology is evident in every object sprung to life by our company.

Aresa-Service Co., Ltd. was founded in the now-distant 1991 – a tumultuous year in history – back when Minsk was far from the visually impressive capital with modern and highly developed infrastructure it is today. A decade later, our efforts have transformed Minsk into a beautiful European city with unique character, extraordinary spirit, and a constant demand for comfort.

Throughout its entire operational history, our company has showcased a high rate of construction – thus always attracting the necessary funds from developers and investors.

Currently JV "Aresa-Service" provides a full cycle of construction, from the acquisition of rights to develop the land and ending with the construction of completed objects. The company also provides services in preparation of project documentation, design and engineering.

The JV "Aresa-Service" developed and implemented standards in relation to the integrated management of investment projects in building, development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation, design documentation, technical supervision in construction. Compliance with the organization of work in the company with the modern requirements is confirmed by the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001-2009.


  • Developer
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction and building contractor
  • Building design and construction
  • Maintenance and repair of real estate property
  • Real estate activities

Our advantages:

  • Projects on a turnkey basis. Our company performs a complete cycle of works in the construction of residential and office buildings – ranging from rights acquisition and territory development to the delivery of a finished project .
  • Versatility. AresaServis is comprised of 7 subsidiaries of specialized organizations that successfully manage complex projects – ranging from investment and construction to operating constructed facilities and of course, to services for buying and selling real estate .
  • Stability. More than 20-year experience in the real estate market. Today, AresaService continues to flourish and expand thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, a perfectly polished marketing policy, and a keenly detailed development strategy .
  • Professional approach. Highly qualified personnel have formed the underpinning of our business from its inception. As such, the human factor harmonizes the use of high quality building materials, the introduction of new technologies, and the valuable experience we obtain through collaborations with our colleagues – the leading experts from Israel, the Baltic region, and the United States .