About company

Our company TSYN GROUP is an American corporation registered in the State of Illinois which conducts business in the USA, Western and the Eastern Europe.

Official representation of TSYN GROUP received accreditation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in the beginning of 1990s. Venture investment with attraction of financial assets of American companies and private portfolio investors were chosen as the primary activity of the company. The main focus of business became the   management of business structures and crediting of production sector of the economy. Our daily business promotes development of economic relations between the USA and Belarus independent from interstate relations and economic peculiarities.

Currently, the business conducted through the representation is highly diversified and each direction is dynamically developing. Being directly co-owners or acting through the partner companies, we supervise an perform ownership control in eight companies in Republic of Belarus, working in the field of information technology,  woodworking, real estate, furniture business, and production of household products. In addition to that, the representation promotes participation of the company or its partners in financial trading activities.

On the pages of the site, TSYN GROUP International presents eight enterprises.

Our task is not only to demonstrate possibilities of each of the companies through a prism of its achievements and potential but also to explain stability and success of the enterprises from the point of view of strategy of their development and corporate philosophy.

The companies comprising TSYN Group International are market leaders of Belarus. Throughout many years they stay a step ahead of the competitors. We do not make the decisive steps for them, instead we create all the conditions for them to work independently, managing and directing them on the way to development of their business.  That is the reason why we guarantee our investors and partners mutually advantageous and reliable relations.


Representation of TSYN Group in Belarus is open to dialogue with you.