«The XXI century is the age of development of the Eastern Europe and the former USSR, economies of the countries of that region are in a state of fast market transformations and create preconditions for the next economic phenomenon which role in the end of the XX-th century belonged to the countries of the Far East (Korea, Philippines, etc.)».


Years of experience have shown that investors give particular value to companies that have already successfully established themselves in Belarus – and whose management has the necessary experience of managing modern enterprises, the in-depth knowledge of the post-socialist economies, and the ability to work with government agencies – that still maintain a considerable impact on the economies of these countries.


 Zbignev Bzhezinsky, the American political scientist


Why Belarus?


The choice of Belarus for business relationships is supported by numerous important factors:

  • Stable sociopolitical conditions, without external and internal conflicts typical for many other CIS countries.
  • Situated at the center of Europe, at the main crossroads from the East to the West and from the North to the South. Bordering on Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe allows to use effectively logistic advantages of Belarus for development of manufacturing oriented towards both eastern and western markets of the technologies and raw materials.
  • During the era of the USSR, the economy of the Republics was always highly specialized. Belarus has been assigned the role of an assembly shop for massive engineering, electronic and chem-tech industries – all of which have traditionally employed the best engineers and the most skilled specialists available. In addition, the institutes of Belarusian Academy of Sciences represented a concentration of the brightest scientists – and thus have held status of being one of the best learning establishments in the USSR.



  Our mission: Strive for the companies comprising TSYN GROUP to maintain market leadership in Belarus.
Our strategy: Venture investment with attraction of financial assets of American companies and private portfolio investors.
Our primary focus: Management of business structures and crediting of production sector of the economy.

Throughout many years they stay a step ahead of the competitors. We do not make the decisive steps for them, instead we create all the conditions for them to work independently, managing and directing them on the way to development of their business.  That is the reason why we guarantee our investors and partners mutually advantageous and reliable relations.



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